Collecting Donations

I can't believe we collected all of this in just a few days! Now the challenge is making it all fit! 頑張ろう!!!

This past week has been crazy hectic with organizing and collecting donations etc, etc.  Having said that, I am overwhelmed by the response we received and very grateful for all the donations!  A big thanks goes out to the amazing community here in Akita!!!  The ALT family and friends really came through on this, and truly made it all happen. It’s AMAZING how much we pulled together in less than a week, and I’m looking forward to getting it down to the people who need it most.  Minami and I are heading out this Thursday (April, 7th) and will return on the same day.  Hoping all goes well, so please send us some positive vibes.  I’ll make sure to update everyone after the trip.  Once again, a big THANK YOU to all who helped out and donated.  Ya’ll ROCK! much love.





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