5toSurvive with Melody!

Hey all!
Thanks for your interest in the 5tosurvive run this Sunday (April,10), 3:00pm.   SORRY! I decided to do this so last minute so  I apologize everything is so rushed!  This Sunday at 3:11 people over Japan and the world will run/jog/walk a 5k in their different towns/cities to honor the victims of the March 11th quake and tsunami and try to raise money before.  Many JETS around the country are participating and AJET is a main sponsor of this event.  My hope is we can get a group together to enjoy some exercise and promote a good cause!  They recommend trying to raise any donations before online as running or even walking with donation buckets will be a challenge and I am still trying to figure out the legal restrictions of it.  It is easy to create a donation page online so that friends, family, other ALTs can support.
All the directions are here at:


which will lead you to:


Here is a link to my page:


However I think small signs or small banners in Japanese saying what we are walking or running for would be tight if we could get them together.  Here is a map route I have worked out: Let me know if you want to change it.  I am open to anything.  It is all through the main part of the city which means very slow and crowded, but would be nice to  let people know why we are running/walking.  I am trying it this afternoon.  It starts at the station and ends at the station.


Maybe afterwards we can do a dinner or picnic or split a chuhai haha!  Just let me know if you are still interested in donating, participating or anything!!!  Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!


Big THANKS to Mel for getting this together! So much FUN!






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