Smiles & Dreams: Tohoku Kids Project, Sendai Orphanage

A small army of bikes getting ready for a trip to the orphanage!

First off, none of this would have been possible without the help from two amazing organizations working tirelessly in Japan right now.  SmileKidsJapan and LivingDreams are doing BIG things for the orphans effected by the recent disaster, and I just want to express how grateful I am to be working a long side of them, and making things happen.  Please check them out at and Yesterday (Saturday) Mark Dawson and myself headed to an orphanage located outside of Sendai to drop off some items they requested.  We spent the whole night Friday scrambling to get everything set for the trip, and we managed to make it all happen (BIG UPS to Mark!).  The trip itself was pretty easy going despite some set backs on the expressway, but in the end the delivery was a success and that’s what matters the most.  The drop off itself was quick/easy, and before we knew it we were back on the expressway heading back to Akita!  The folks at the orphanage were very kind and grateful that we made it, and the orphanage itself looked pretty sweet!  It was located in a very nice neighborhood and the building itself looked very clean and modern!  There are currently 80 kids staying at the facility, Minami and I have been named official contact people for the orphanage in case they need anything else down the road.  I wish them the best, and I look forward to hanging out with the kiddos sometime soon!


現在、孤児院の支援活動をしているSmile Kids JapanとLiving Dreams の方々と一緒に活動させて頂いているのですが、今回ポールと私が仙台のとある孤児院の連絡担当をさせて頂くことになりました。第一回目の活動として、リクエストのあった自転車5台と電子レンジ2台、ブランケット5枚を届けにポールと友人のマークが二人で仙台へ行ってきました。(私は残念ながら仕事で行くことができませんでした。)




One Comment on “Smiles & Dreams: Tohoku Kids Project, Sendai Orphanage”

  1. Alicia M says:

    Website looks great guys!! I know you are just getting started with it so it will get even better. And as far as all the work, leadership, donating, organizing, delivering, promoting you are doing… words can’t even express how amazing and inspiring it is! Seriously. You are doing so much to represent and help Akita, ALTs, and, most importantly, this whole country of Japan that so badly needs support and aid right now. You are making it happen and making things better! Keep it up!
    I definitely want to join in and do what I can to participate and help. Paul, like I told you, Ohara and I are totally up for taking his van loaded with stuff when you go on your next trip there so please please keep me posted. When you know what things we need to start collecting, please let me know so I can get the word out and start on that. Or if it’s just money donations then I can start asking. We could go there this and/or next weekend. Next weekend would probably be better just so that we could have more time to prepare and everything but we also know that the sooner we can get things there the better. Just let me know what to do!!! I’m ready to help however I can!
    Again keep up the great work! It is people like you and these organizations that are making positive changes and helping Japan recover from this. 頑張れ 日本! 東北 ❤

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