The Fruit Tree Project – Kesennuma Interim Report

Hope you are having a good Golden Week so far.

Just wanted to give an interim report on how The Fruit Tree Project has been going so far.

Paul and Doug have been down in Kesennuma since early Friday morning, making daily deliveries of fruit to the shelters.  Having finished the day three deliveries today, they have noticed that people are starting to recognize them coming to drop off fruit in the mornings.

The reception has been phenomenal, and everyone is really super happy to see them each morning.

As per request by the shelter leader, the fruit being given to each person is now one fruit per day.  However, the shelters don’t only provide food for the people staying there, but a number of people rely on the shelter just for their meals.  And thus The Fruit Tree Project is supplying fruit for about 1350 people in three shelters in Kesennuma.

While we didn’t reach our initial fund-raising goal, thanks to everyone’s immense generosity, we should be able to continue delivering fruit for 4 or 5 more days.  The plan is to keep bringing fruit until the money runs out, so don’t worry, your donations and support will be put to the fullest use!

The fruit deliveries themselves have been really simple and easy, so a big thank you to the people selling us the fruit.  We’ve also met the local JETs in the area, who have been very welcoming.

Fruit deliveries finish in the morning, so we have been volunteering in the city in the afternoons.  Todd arrived today, and later in the week, we expect to see five more people coming down to help volunteer.  We will be continuing to volunteer in and around the city, and hope to make some shelter visits along with maybe an animal shelter and the local junior high school to volunteer.

We hope the success of the project continues on into this week and beyond, look for more detailed reports after Golden Week, and to hear from Owen out in Miyako as well.

Take care!

Jon (filling in for Paul)


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