The Fruit Tree Project – Kesennuma, Day 1

Minami with the AMAZING people at Sasaki Seikatan in Honjo

April 29, 2011 – Today was a BIG day for us!  Day 1 of The Fruit Tree Project!  It was a LONG day, but definitely felt nice to be down there and getting fruit to the people in the shelters.  Our first load was picked up in Honjo from the lovely couple at Sasaki Seikatan!  We took down ~1,344 bananas and they donated  ~ 144 apples (the sweetest folks ever).  The fruit deliveries went smoothly, but we found out that there were about 650 people who didn’t live in the shelters, but still came for food.  We planned to provide fruit for about 930 people initially, but we adjusted our budget so that we could provide a piece of fruit for everyone who depended on the shelters for food.  At the last shelter, we ran into an NBC news crew who were excited to hear about our story and what we were doing.  They interviewed us and took some footage of us delivering fruit.  The whole crew seemed very supportive of our efforts and told us it should air stateside as soon as things settle down in the news out there.  It would be HUGE exposure if we could make it on the news, so hoping for the best.  After all the deliveries, we paid a visit to our local fruit source to order the next days batch of fresh fruit.  Then Doug and I found a big parking lot/road station to shack up for the night, located about 10-15 minutes outside of central Kesennuma.

– Paul


– Minami


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  1. […] Golden week here in Japan is basically several national holidays that almost line up to provide a weeklong holiday at the start of May. It is a very popular time of the year for travel and cherry blossom viewing. This year many people decided to give up their time and volunteer on the east coast. Here at volunteerAKITA we took groups to two locations: Miyako and Kessennuma. […]

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