The Fruit Tree Project – Kesennuma, Day 3

Loading up!

The deliveries get easier and easier by the day.  Today we delivered ~1,008 bananas and ~616 sunfruit (similar to an orange).  Todd arrived late last night to help us out for a few days and Minami arrived at lunchtime by train.  After the morning delivery Doug and Todd spent the day volunteering with the Kesennuma Volunteer Center, which is a GREAT way to help out right now in Kesennuma.

The "FIGHTO shimbun" crew: a newspaper they make/post in the shelter everyday. AWESOME kiddos

Check in in at the Kesennuma Volunteer Center

They are extremely organized and the crew running the center are all super friendly and amazing people.  Minami and I spent the rest of the afternoon meeting with people to set up more volunteer opportunities later in the week. We also placed fruit orders through Golden Week because the fruit distributors would be closed for the holidays.  After we finished, we headed out to a camp site where many of the volunteers were staying.  The drive is bittersweet because it’s such a peaceful drive through rolling hills along the coast, but, now many of the small communities that once existed are gone.  Some areas still looked like the tsunami came through yesterday.  It’s always hard seeing the devastation, and for me, never gets easier.  But, at the end of the day, its AMAZING to see people from all over the world supporting the relief efforts in Tohoku right now, and we have met so many amazing people here in Kesennuma, from all over Japan, living out of their cars in some cases, just to be here to volunteer and make a difference.  We ended the night at an izakaya conveniently located at the campsite.  There we linked up with a big group of volunteers, and enjoyed each others company while also kicking back some food/drink to unwind from the day.

The "FIGHTO shimbun" wall


– Minami


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