The Fruit Tree Project – Kesennuma, Day 4

All the volunteers waiting for their assignments

FRUIT!!! Today we delivered ~196 sunfruit, ~840 bananas, and ~600 apples!  Each day we check with the people running the shelters to see if we got enough fruit for everyone, and so far there hasn’t been a day where they tell us they need more, so that’s great news for sure.  We also delivered fruit earlier today so that we could head over to the Volunteer Center and volunteer for the day.  The weather was a bit overcast, and the WIND was absolutely insane!  We got into a group with about 10 people, and volunteered at a house, mainly throwing debris to the curb so it could be taken away and disposed of.

The area around our work-site

We also helped clean beneath the floor boards of the house, which were all pulled up to clean out the mud and dirt that the tsunami had left behind.  With the number of people we had, we accomplished a lot before lunch, but unfortunately got word that all the volunteers were being sent back to the VC due to strong winds.  It was unfortunate that we couldn’t finish up that day, but I’m glad we still made it out and helped out as much as we did.  After we finished volunteering, Minami and I got a call from a lady at NHK news.  She wanted to speak to us about our project, so we all went to meet her and told her all about volunteerAKITA and The Fruit Tree Project!  She seemed very excited about what we were doing, and asked if they could bring the cameras around with us on our fruit deliveries! Of course we said YES!  After the interview with NHK, Minami had to catch a train back to Akita, but the rest of us took up an offer from the Kesennuma ALT (Jessica) to crash at her place!  Jess has been helping us out so much, so it’s been a blessing having her around, and feeding us rare treats from the states (Girl Scout Cookies!!!).  Also a BIG thanks for letting us use her shower 😉  It was so nice not having to sleep in the car for a night!

– Paul


– Minami


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