The Fruit Tree Project – Kesennuma, Day 5

Todd doing some MIND-BLOWING magic tricks for the kiddos!!!

Bluebird Day

Today will probably be the most memorable day of the trip.  From the start, the weather was PERFECT, and we had an amazing day planned out for us.  We delivered ~200 grapefruit, ~792 oranges, and ~588 bananas!  Rye, Jeff, Melissa, Selina, and Liyen made it down from Akita, and jumped right into play time with the kiddos!  A few days before, Minami and I arranged for a time where we could all head to the shelter and hang out with the kids.  They were super enthusiastic about the idea, and invited us to join the kids while they participated in a kite festival.  The kite festival was AWESOME!  Everyone was having a blast, and the weather was perfect kite flying weather.  It was nice to see everyone having such a good time, even many adults were running around with kites!  Todd also found time to defeat the entire Kesennuma JHS track team in sumo 😉 it was hilarious.

Todd about to lay down some HURT, haha

After everyone was done with the kites, we went inside and Todd performed some coin/card tricks for the kids.  NHK was in the area filming the kite festival, so they also followed us around for a bit, and were very excited about shooting Todd’s magic show (unfortunately the footage didn’t make it on the news, sorry Todd).  Before leaving we gave all the kids some toys we brought for them, and said our goodbyes.  Next we met up with Jess who took us to a local animal shelter she had volunteered at before.  It was sad to see so many animals there, but the owners were great people, and you could tell they LOVED animals.  Fortunately for us, we arrived at the perfect time, and all got to help take the dogs out for a walk.  A big thanks to the people at PAD TAIL, and Jess for taking us over!  All in all, it was an awesome day!  The group of people we have down here right now are amazing, and I’m so happy they made it down.  Excited to see what tomorrow has in store for us.


Minami (Paulの記事を参考に書きました。)

Group shot at PAD TAIL


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