The Fruit Tree Project – Kesennuma, Day 6

Group photo after volunteering for the day! Thanks for the pic Selina!

May 4, 2011 – BUSY BUSY day! Delivered 240 apples, 756 bananas, and 576 oranges!  Every day people are starting to recognize us more and more.  Everyone has been extremely grateful for what we are doing, and we have gotten many comments on how delicious the fruit is everyday!  As of now, we have about one more day of fruit delivery left in the budget.  It is sad that our time here in Kesennuma is winding down, but I know we will be back soon.

Another shot from Selina at our worksite

After delivering to the shelters we all met up at the Volunteer Center to volunteer for the day.  Our main focus was to collect debris and throw it in a pile that would later be picked up by heavy machinery.  There was all sorts of stuff we had to collect, from large pieces of wood and mouldy tatami mats, to small pieces of glass and food wrappers.  By the end of the day we could really see the difference we made, and the family we were helping was extremely grateful we came to volunteer.  After volunteering we rushed off to Omose JHS.  This was one of Jess’s schools that is currently sheltering about 300 people.  Earlier in the week we made arrangements to stop by with some toys to give to the kids.  We arrived a bit later than expected due to our volunteer work day ending later than expected, but, we came in with plenty of toys and all the kids got to choose a toy they wanted!  It was definitely a good time for all!  We also talked to the shelter leaders about bringing a load of fruit the next day (our last day) and they seemed very happy about that as well.  After that, the group went out to get some steak at this place that Jess had taken us a few nights before! Its absolutely delicious, and cheap!  When we arrived at the campsite, we were immediately invited into a small get together hosted by the owner of the izakaya!  Such a kind and generous man!  There was a table full of food and he kept the drinks flowing! All on the house!  Another AMAZING day in Kes.


– Minami

A shot taken at the end of the day


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