the BIG CLEAN – Kesennuma Field Report

Volunteer site

May 15, 2011 – We were rolling deep.  15 people from Akita showed up to help today. That was our biggest group of volunteers in Kesennuma yet.  It was great to see everyone down there ready to work.  At the VC we meet up with four more Japanese people and went to our work site in a group of 19.  This job was right on the coast, but was probably not the hardest one we have had. We were tasked with cleaning out a plot of land.  There was lots of garbage rocks and a little debris to haul out.  We also had to keep our eyes open for money and photo albums, both of which were found (small brick of solid gold).  We all worked hard and kept our collective noses to the grind stone and before long it was the end of the day and that plot of land was all cleared up.

I want to thank all the people that came down to help this weekend.  Michiko, Paul, Minami, Will, Kathie, Margaret, Rye, Adrian, Melissa, Nikki, Shaun, Ben, Jim, Jon, Ashley, and Rachel, you guys did a great job.

– Todd

Group shot


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