the BIG CLEAN – Kesennuma Field Report

The pile

May 14, 2011– Back again in Kesennuma. This weekend a bunch of people from Akita made the trip to volunteer for one or two days at the volunteer centre (VC) in Kesennuma.  Paul, Minami, Will, Michiko and myself were sent to help a very nice gentlemen in the heart of the city.  Being a small group, only the five of us, we were able to clean up a quite a bit.  We were right in the center of the city so there was little debris to cleanup. This job was all about bagging up the tsunami mud and rotten fish.  We have been to a few sites now and I have to say that rotting fish was the worst smell I have ever smelt.  We were all very greatful that there was a light breeze keeping the air moving.  So with our shovels, bags and brooms we filled about 200 bags of muck and cleaned out the back yard and this inside of the gentleman`s shop. It was a great days and we got a lot accomplished.

– Todd

The backyard: Before

The backyard: After

Storefront: Before

Storefront: Before

Storefront: After


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