The Fruit Tree Project – Kesennuma, Day 9


May 15, 2011 – Woke up today to an amazing sunny day!  We left around 8a.m. to go pick up fruit so we could finish the delivery in time to meet up with the big crew that came down from Akita to volunteer for the day!  We decided to deliver bananas all weekend because right now they are the best bang for our buck.  Also the folks in the shelters love them because they are delicious and easy to eat, even for the elderly.  Our order today was ~1680 bananas, the same as yesterday.  Jon came in late last night, so he was able to help with the deliveries this morning while Todd and Michan headed over to the VC to get everyone checked in to volunteer.  It’s always hard on the last day of delivery because everyone is always so thankful and appreciative of what we are doing, so it’s hard not being able to provide for them everyday.  Although our main objective is to raise money and make deliveries on our own, we still focus a lot of our time on raising awareness of this issue.  If other groups can do the same thing we are doing, we can all make a really big difference in these people’s lives.

– Paul


2 Comments on “The Fruit Tree Project – Kesennuma, Day 9”

  1. Egill Thordarson says:

    We really admire and appreciate your effort.
    I would like to volunteer in helping you for a week or so in the period of my stay in JapanJune 14th to July 7th.

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