*UPDATE* June 7, 2011

This past week has been HUGE for volunteerAKITA!  The Fruit Tree Project has now raised a total of 1,079,742 yen and delivered ~23,614 items of fruit!  This past weekend, we had an amazing group from Akita down in Kesennuma delivering fruit and volunteering in the city.  We reached out to 10 shelters and delivered 6,720 bananas over 2 days (our largest fruit delivery so far). Aside from delivering fruit, the BIG CLEAN initiative has also been staying very active with frequent trips down to the Kesennuma area to volunteer, while also planning larger trips in the coming weeks to other areas like Miyako and Rikuzentakata.  So far the BIG CLEAN has logged ~753 hours of volunteering!!!

Finally, we just want to THANK everyone for all of the support.  It has been amazing to see support coming from all over the world!  Every last yen of the donations we have received goes towards buying fruit for the people in the shelters, and we are proud to say that we have been doing all of this with ZERO overhead.  All transportation costs (gas,tolls, and vehicles) are being covered by us.  We have an amazing team over here in Akita, and so many people in the Japanese community have really stepped up for us to make things happen.  Please continue to check the website for more trip reports and future volunteering plans.

Much Love

Everyone at volunteerAKITA


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