*UPDATE* June 21, 2011

The past few weeks have been both amazing and busy!  We are extremely grateful for the exposure we have received from the Asahi Shimbun and The Japan Times newspaper articles, and are looking forward to working with NBC news in the coming weeks.  Donations are still coming in, and we have now raised a total of 1,184,742 yen (~$14,782) and delivered ~29,564 items of fresh fruit through The Fruit Tree Project!

Looking forward, our focus will be to head into Ishinomaki with The Fruit Tree Project as well as the BIG CLEAN.  We still have a lot of  planning to do, but we have made some amazing contacts down there already and are looking forward helping out as much as we can.

On another note, we want to take time to give a very special THANKS to Andy Anderson (Taylor Anderson’s father) who has been supporting us in so many ways and we feel so blessed to have him on board.  Please take time to check out the Taylor Anderson Memorial Gift Fund and support all the great things the Anderson family is doing for Japan.


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