The Fruit Tree Project – Ishinomaki, Day 14


Moriya Fruits!!!

June 26, 2011– Our first trip down to Ishinomaki, Miyagi.  The purpose of this trip was to visit/contact several of the shelters in the area to see if they needed/wanted fresh fruit.  We also established an amazing fruit source, and are so glad to give them our business.  I think after this whole experience with The Fruit Tree Project, we have learned that ALL fruit store owners are the nicest people in the world, and the folks at Moriya Fruits in Ishinomaki are no exception!  After picking up about 1,480 bananas we started to make our rounds to the shelters we had been in contact with.  The hard thing for us, is trying to organize all of this stuff from Akita!  Right now, things are changing on a daily basis! So it has been a little difficult keeping up with the fluidity of the situation.  The important thing we accomplished today is we got MORE contact info to MORE shelters, and talked to quite a few as well.  Many shelters that were ok on fruit this past week could need fruit next week, so we will make sure to contact them before heading down.  At first, we were under the impression that our services might not be needed down in Ishinomaki, but heading to the shelters and speaking to them first hand definitely changed our impression.  There are still shelters that barely get fruit, and are still receiving meals with limited daily nutrition.  It’s heartbreaking to hear this kind of news, and we look forward to heading back down to Ishinomaki this weekend to deliver fruit and volunteer with the city.

"Team Ishikawa" 😉


A very SPECIAL thanks to Jane and Kat (Ishi ALTs) for all their help and support as well as Andy Anderson and Taylor’s Fund for their amazing support, guidance, and inspiration.

– Paul


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