*UPDATE* July 4, 2011

Group shot!

Just got back from a BIG weekend down in Ishinomaki, Miyagi this past weekend!  We delivered ~4,474 items of fruit to 21 shelters and a small community of about 200 people.  A BIG THANKS to our 25 awesome volunteers (10 vehicles) who helped us deliver on Saturday!  Some shelters are receiving fruit once in awhile, but definitely aren’t getting it regularly.  We have now established a great fruit source in Ishinomaki, so we look forward to getting back down there and reaching out to more shelters in the area.  To date, The Fruit Tree Project has raised 1,538,752 yen ($19,048) and delivered ~35,518 items of fruit!  A BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!!!

As always, you can take a closer look at our numbers right here.


And a very special shout out to everyone who helped out this past weekend! Ya’ll ROCK!

Jane, Kat, Henry, Karissa, Aaron, Mike, Jake, Jess, Minami, Anne, Masato, Alicia, Jon, Steph, Margs, Liyen, Maka, Ashley, Rye, Wil, Dave, Zikon, Melissa, and Mel!!!!


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