The Fruit Tree Project – Ishinomaki, Day 15



July 2, 2011– Back again, but this time with bigger plans!  Our trip last weekend allowed us to check out the area and get more contacts to different shelters.  So this week we set out to provide fruit to 21 different shelters in the Ishinomaki area.  Minami and I headed down Friday night and just crashed in the back of the car.  The rest of the crew came down early Saturday and met us at the Love Koganehama event.  One big thing that came through for us this trip were our FREE IC passes!  Now, volunteer groups working in Tohoku can get free passes, but the process can be a bit tedious (lots of faxing/paperwork).  Hopefully it becomes easier and easier over time.

Handing out fruit and veggies!

The Love Koganehama event was really great.  So many different organizations and people coming together to help this community get back on their feet.  The Fruit Tree Project provided some fresh oranges and bananas, which was put together with some veggies and other fruit.  The event went really well, and it was great that we got in touch with the organizers, because they are doing amazing things right now, and are definitely people we would love to work with in the future.  One of the highlights of the event was an owner of a Mos Burger in Tokyo came up and cooked burgers for everyone!

Each person got a bag full of veggies and fruit

We wrapped up at Koganehama in the early afternoon, and quickly headed to Moriya Fruits (our fruit source) to start delivering to the shelters in the area.  The delivery process was intense!  We had a solid crew of 25 strong, with 10 vehicles! We broke into teams, loaded up the fruit, and started making the rounds.  With so many people helping, the delivery process was quick and easy! A big thanks to the Ishinomaki ALTs for their help and support, and another big thanks to the Moriya family for giving us such an amazing deal on fruit! We definitely look forward to giving them our business in the future.  We want to also thank Hinako and the NHK news team that followed us on Saturday, as well as the guys from NBC who stuck with us all weekend (Arata, Ian, Ed, and Dave).  It was so nice to see them again (we met them during Golden Week), and they are a great group of guys.  It was nice talking to them and hearing about their lives (they all live in cool places, haha), and we appreciate their help in raising awareness of some of the issues Tohoku faces right now.

RYE B spreadin' the LOVE!

This past weekend in Ishinomaki was EPIC, we delivered lots of fruit and also made some great contacts! We definitely plan to get back there soon, and look forward to getting more involved in the relief efforts going on down there right now.



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