*UPDATE* July 27, 2011

The Fruit Tree Project reaches the $20,000 mark!  A big thanks to all of our supporters and donors.  To date, we have raised ¥1,610,560 ($20,533) and delivered ~37,002 items of fruit!!! while the BIG CLEAN initiative has logged ~818 hours of volunteering!

As always you can take a closer look at our numbers right here.


There are still thousands of people living in shelters across Tohoku, and many are still eating the same food provided by the government on a daily basis.  The need for fresh fruit is still very apparent in many of these cities and towns, therefore we plan to continue The Fruit Tree Project for as long as we can.

Besides our on going activities, we are now in full swing with the “Smiles & Dreams” project lead by LivingDreams/SmileKidsJapan.  We are currently Home Communication Managers (HCMs) for 2 orphanages in the Sendai area, which means we will be in close contact with them to help provide any requests or needs they may have now or in the future.  volunteerAKITA is excited to be involved in this project and a BIG THANKS to LivingDreams and SmileKidsJapan for giving us this opportunity and for doing such amazing things for orphans in Japan. Much Love.



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