*UPDATE* August 23, 2011 and a BIG THANK YOU to the AMAZING PEOPLE at JAPADOG!!!

JAPA DOG showin' some LOVE for Tohoku all the way from Canada!

While the summer months have been busy for us here in Akita, we have continued to get fruit out as much as possible, and are still collecting donations for The Fruit Tree Project!  A BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU to JAPA DOG for their very generous donation and support! If you live in the Vancouver area, please do us a favor and stop by your local JAPA DOG for some tasty gourmet hot dogs (YUM)! www.japadog.com

To date, we have raised ¥1,811,671 ($23,571) and delivered ~38,612items of fruit!  We also want to thank ALL of our supporters because none of this would be possible without your support and trust in our project and organization.  It really means the world to us, and with your support we have reached out and helped so many people in Tohoku.


– the volunteerAKITA crew


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