Taylor Anderson Reading Corner Dedication – Ishinomaki

September 6, 2011 – Mangokuura Elementary School – Such an amazing reception and dedication ceremony for Taylor Anderson and her Reading Corners.  A BIG THANKS to the Anderson Family for inviting me to be a part of it.  Today, the first reading corner was given to Mangokuura E.S. (one of Taylor’s schools).  The dedication ceremony was packed full of friends, family, students, ALTs, news cameras, and city employees.  There were many heart felt speeches, and even a couple of Taylor’s elementary school kids got up and made some speeches to honor Taylor in English! It was a really cool moment in the ceremony.

The reading corners are amazing, and Endo-san (the builder) is truly an amazing human being.  Having lost his own children in the tsunami, it was so inspirational to hear him speak, and see how important it was for him to work with the Andersons in building Taylor’s Reading Corners.  Definitely a soft spoken man with a heart of gold.  I was so glad to meet him, and was amazed with his wood working ability.

All and all, an awesome day.  From spending time with the Andersons to meeting all these amazing people who are doing great things in the relief efforts right now.  It almost felt like a reunion of sorts.  Many of the guests were people I had already met through e-mail exchanges, so it was nice to finally put faces to the names.  Also got to catch up with my buddy Michael Maher King which is always a pleasure (and we are going to miss him so much).  Another BIG THANKS to the Andersons and Kat Sheu for making the past 2 days so awesome.  We look forward to continuing working with the Anderson Family, and will continue to support and spread the word on Taylor’s Fund.  They are really doing amazing things in Tohoku right now, and it has been such an inspiration getting to know them/working with them.



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