The Fruit Tree Project teams up with the Save Minamisoma Project!

October 15, 2011 – The Save Minamisoma Project has been delivering supplies to folks in Fukushima-ken who are still recovering from the tsunami as well as radiation threats.  They have been working tirelessly to deliver supplies to the temporary housing units, and volunteerAKITA/The Fruit Tree Project is very happy to offer our support, and hope to continue working with them in the future.

For their last delivery, The Fruit Tree Project was able to purchase 1980 persimmons which were distributed to 4 different temporary housing neighborhoods!  A BIG OTSUKARE to all the members of their team, and for all the hard work they continue to put into their mission.  Please check them out at and see a brief report from Michael Anop of the Save Minamisoma Project.



Oct. 15th delivery – our biggest delivery to date with a whopping 940 served…with a smile!  First off, as usual I would like to thank the volunteers that helped make this trip possible.

Truck Drivers: Rob Keyworth, Dave Kell, Mike Connolly, Tyler Rothmar, Hideo Yamamoto and yours truly.
Distribution Volunteers: Andrew Coad, Rich Rivera, John Daub, Dustin Seo, Michael Martin, Marci McComish and last but not least Nori Saito and his team of local Minamisoam volunteers.
Special Thanks:
– K.K. Abios for funding truck rental and related transportation costs
– Second Harvest Japan 1.8 tons of water and soft drinks
– Side By Side 1 ton of water & 3 free round trip highway passes
– Philip Duncan for helping to arrange high way passes
– Fruit Tree Project for donationg JPY138,000 toward to purchase of fruit for the SMP project, much of which went towards this delivery.
Temporary Housing Neighborhoods Visited:
Teijuusokushin: 271
Terauchi-daiichi: 244
Terauchi-daini: 111
Chikura: 314
Goods Distributed:
Potatoes – 700kg
Onions – 700kg
Carrots – 450kg
Persimmon fruit – 1980pcs
1.5ltr bottles water – 2,064
350ml cans water – 190
350ml cans Lemon Drink – 192
350ml cans Pocari Sweat – 96
Michael Anop


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