Ski Trip Fundraiser

In order to raise funds for our Scholarship fund we are running a charity Ski trip in Shizukuishi. But first we will be going to Mishuku Nakagawa, participating in a cultural activity, and then feasting on local tradition foods called “Jukko dishes” while washing it down with doburoku (home made sake). The owner of Mishuku Nakagawa, Mr. Nakagawa, is one of the few licensed producers of doburoku in all of Japan. His doburoku is called “Ichi no Shizuku” (一の雫). The schedule is outlined below:

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012
13:30 ~ Meet at Minshuku Nakagawa (174 Shinogawara Nagayama, Shizukuishi, Iwate)
14:00 ~ Cultural activity; making homemade yogurt and mochi
16:00 ~ Free time (buy doburoku, visit one of the local AMAZING onsens, chill)
18:00 ~ Feast like Kings and Queens on local Jukko dishes while downing copious amounts of doburoku and various other drinks!
21:00 ~ Spend the night

Saturday, March 4th, 2012
7:30 ~ Delicious breakfast
9:30 ~ Arrive at Shizukuishi Ski Jo and enjoy all the powder Iwate has to offer!! (ticket valid until 4pm)
13:30 ~ When finished on the mountain you can enjoy a complimentary onsen at the Prince Hotel (at the base of the ski jo)

Up to 30 members can attend this event. (Currently we have 12 signed up)
Cost: ¥10,000 (includes cultural activity, dinner, loads of drinks including doburoku, accommodation, all day ski pass at Shizukuishi Ski Jo, onsen ticket)

This is an open event, so please forward it to anyone you think may be interested in attending.

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