Scholarship Fund Update! A BIG past few days for us! ¥581,476 left to go! THANKS EVERYONE!

Our deadline is quickly approaching (March 20) Please help us continue to spread the word!

volunteerAKITA is NOW accepting online donations for our scholarship fund thanks to Andy Anderson and The Taylor Anderson Memorial Gift Fund!

Just write in “volunteerAKITA Scholarship Fund” in the comments section of the giving page

Donate now!


Below is our volunteerAKITA bank account information for those living in Japan who wish to donate through a furikomi bank transfer.


【店名/store name】八六八(ハチロクハチ/hachirokuhachi)
【店番/store number】868
【貯金種目/type】普通預金 (futsuuyokin)
【口座番号/account number】1930873


If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to contact us at any time at 080-3337-5436 (English) and 080-5563-3547 (日本語)


3 Comments on “Scholarship Fund Update! A BIG past few days for us! ¥581,476 left to go! THANKS EVERYONE!”

  1. Caroline says:

    Hi Paul, I’ve transferred 29,999 to the stated ゆうちょ銀行 account on 3/12 Monday. I saw the latest update is just 10,000. Would like to confirm if you have got the money I transferred? Thanks.
    All the best for the final week fund raising.

    • Hey Caroline! So sorry for the mix up! We DID receive your donation and THANK YOU SO MUCH! The 10,000yen was just handed to me in person, so I threw it up on the website. Its been a busy week, so I was unable to get to the bank, but checked today and we received your generous donation along with others! A new update will be up by tonight! thanks so much!!!!

      • Caroline says:

        Thanks for checking :)… It’s a bit pity I missed the chance to get matching from Taylor Anderson’s memorial fund…… hope you guys will achieve the goal ASAP

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