All of us at volunteerAKITA would like to thank all the supporters who helped us reach our goal for the Scholarship Fund!  It was truly amazing seeing support coming in from all over the world, and we really couldn’t have done it without you all.  I realize this update is long overdue, but a few weeks ago we heard some unfortunate news about Masaya, regarding his mental health.  While meeting with the orphanage director to share the news that we had reached our goal for Masaya, she explained to Minami and I that he had been battling with some personal issues and was not doing so well at the time.  Although we were excited to share the news with him about the Scholarship Fund, we were more concerned about his health.  Since then, we have heard directly from the orphanage director that Masaya is doing much better, and has decided to defer for a year and attend university at the start of the next school year.  Fortunately, the university has been extremely supportive of Masaya, and look forward to him attending.  In the meantime, Masaya will continue to reside at the orphanage, and will also start searching for jobs so he can gain some work experience.  He has since learned about the scholarship fund we set up for him and is extremely grateful for everyone’s support.  Through further discussion with the orphanage director, we have decided it is best to continue with the plans of supporting Masaya, but ALSO including the other high school orphans at their facility who plan to attend university as well.  From this point forward, we would like to continue raising money for this scholarship fund, so we can help future orphans who want to attend university like Masaya at this particular orphanage.  In the bigger picture, it would be amazing for other groups to set up scholarship funds like this with other orphanages throughout Japan, so we can make sure every orphan who wants to attend university has some financial support.