Sanboen Akita Welcome Party, September 1st, 2012

Akita welcomed 30 new JETs to the prefecture and held the annual Welcome Party to celebrate their arrival. Sanboen Cabin broke its previous attendance record, with the highest number now topping at 87 fantastic people. Individual performers, DJs, and the ALT Super Band played an assortment of music that kept everyone dancing late into the night. Of course, the taco rice was also a highlight, with rice cookers decorating the cabin with their pearlescent glow. We raised ¥170,000, another new record for the vA events!

Our biggest thanks to Alex, Clarissa, and the kitchen crew for working so hard on the amazing taco rice, Todd for another outstanding evening of alcohol and bartender services, and to Wil for planning another amazing event. Also, a huge thanks to our excellent performers and DJs!

The next event will be hosted by AAJ, another volunteer group in Akita that is raising money to build a library in Laos. We look forward to seeing you all there!

– KK and Jon


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