Carnival in Rikuzentakta – Booth ideas

For our upcoming carnival event, you might be wondering how you can volunteer.  We want to run a variety of booths and activities.  We’ve sent out a brainstorming call for ideas, so here is a compiled list of them all.  This list is not finalized, if you have any other ideas for the carnival, please get in touch with us.  If you see something on the list you really want to be a part of, let us know!

Carnival Games

-Water bucket drop

-Balloon Darts


-Ring Toss

-Ateji for “Carnival” to be used in following Rikuzentakata carnivals.

-Magic and balloon animals


-Apple bobbing

-Water Balloon toss/Egg Toss


-Fishing over curtain for a prize

Anyone can participate races

– three legged

– wheel barrow

– tray race

– egg spoon race

Anyone can participate events/field games

– scavenger hunt

– octopus

– penalty kick shoot out

– mini-sticks

– Easter egg hunt


We also would like to have food stalls with items that are commonly found/served in our home countries.

For example:

–          Sugar cookie decorating/no bake cookies

–          English tea time

–          BBQ

–          Candy apples

–          (cup)Cake walk

Live music

We’d love to provide live entertainment on a stage at the carnival, further details to follow.

There is so much we can do with this event, keep thinking about it, and volunteerAKITA hopes you will be there with us in August!


– Jon