FAIR Takata, August 17, 2013!


Hey everyone!

Saturday, August 17th saw a beautifully sunny day which was ideal for our water based games. All our fantastic volunteers showed up and prep for all of the games were finished ahead of the event. We were so lucky to have volunteers from all over Japan, including Tokyo, Tochigi, Aomori, Iwate, Miyagi, and Akita. Everyone absolutely kicked butt at manning the various booths, giving smiles and happy memories to everyone who came.

Guy Totaro from Niko Niko Taishi put the biggest smiles on everyone’s faces with magic, balloon animals and comedy. We also had stellar performances from both Russell Kabir and Autumn River Willow, gaining a new group of diehard fans that will look forward to all their performances in the future. Also a huge shout out to IsraAID for making the trip to Rikuzentakata. We are so grateful for their support!

The goal of FAIR Takata was for people to get together and enjoy themselves, and we whole-heartedly think this goal was accomplished. We know that people will be talking about Pitch Burst and face painting for many years to come.

A HUGE thank you to the volunteers, donors, friends and family that supported us this past year while we were preparing for this event. We really, truly couldn’t have done it without you.

-Jon and KK

IMG_7476IMG_1983IMG_7488 IMG_1680IMG_4242 IMG_2016 IMG_1983 IMG_1803 IMG_1740 IMG_1702 IMG_1890photo credits go out to Nave, KK, Andrew, Randy, and Sean


Introducing…the final!

Only one week left to go! All the preparations for the games are just about done! We can’t wait for everyone to come play them! Before that happens though, we are very happy to share our final special guest with you!

All the way from Akita prefecture, we have the musical stylings of Autumn River Willow!!!

In 2009, 5 people from various walks of life got together and decided to make a band. In 2011, with the retirement of their singer, they welcomed a new member who had been previously performing as a solo artist and the addition of a new keyboardist. In 2012, they changed to a new drummer to arrive at their current roster. They describe themselves as a blend of jazz, funk, and latin which achieves a classy pop sound.

We are really lucky that they were able to fit FAIR Takata into their schedule. But wait! There’s more!

Due to prior commitments, the regular guitarist for ARW can’t make it to FAIR Takata. His spot will be filled by none other than, Russell Kabir!!! So if you haven’t had your Russell Kabir fix yet, look out for a double feature on display at FAIR Takata!

Can’t wait to see you there!

– Jon and KK


Another game has made it past prototype stage! Please take a look at our plinko board we made for the FAIR!

We can’t wait to see it painted up and in action on August 17th!

With only 10 days to go, we are still looking for donations for FAIR Takata. Please take a look at our donation page if you are interested in supporting us and the people of Tohoku! Tell everyone you know!

– KK and Jon

Less than 2 weeks!

Game signs

There are less than two weeks left! We are scurrying around getting everything put together for the FAIR. We hope you guys are all excited!

We’ve got the drinks, the food, the volunteer packages, and the signs all ready to go! There is still plenty to do, but we will have it all ready for the 17th!

If you can’t make it to the FAIR, please think about donating to the event, just head over to our donate page or the donate button on the side there.

Introducing Part 2!

Hey everyone!

We are proud to spotlight another one of our special guests at FAIR Takata. Akita’s very own Russell Kabir!!!

Russell is a singer-songwriter from Oklahoma who is currently living and performing in Tohoku, Japan. His recent album “Way of Things” debuted to the exceeding satisfaction of his friends and community. Enjoy songs empowered by his commitment to music and his constant endeavor to create beautiful melodies.

We are so happy to have Russell come out and play for us. If you haven’t had the chance to see Russel’s show yet, you can catch a glimpse of him on August 17th at FAIR Takata! Also, if you are a big Russell Kabir fan, you don’t want to miss what’s coming up next!!! Stay tuned and see you at the FAIR!

Home-made Pitch Burst!

One of our games has been built!

A huge thanks to Todd, David and Amanda for all your help! I hope you look forward to playing this game at the FAIR!


In the lead up to the FAIR, we are proud to introduce you to some of the fantastic folks volunteering their talents and time to help us out.

The first person we’d like to spotlight is Guy Totaro of Niko Niko Taishi (the Smile Ambassadors)

Gaetano Totaro Niko Niko Taishi Shi - The Smile AmbassadorsOffering smiles, laughter and love, Niko Niko Taishi have visited 119 locations and interacted with over 9,380 children in Tohoku since 2011. Through their magical musical circus extravaganza their efforts have helped not only children, but their families, caregivers and ultimately their communities.

NNT Show comp

Please come to the FAIR and see this Smile Ambassador for yourself!!!

Thank you Guy-sanNiko Niko Taisshi LOGO Small Patch