Introducing…the final!

Only one week left to go! All the preparations for the games are just about done! We can’t wait for everyone to come play them! Before that happens though, we are very happy to share our final special guest with you!

All the way from Akita prefecture, we have the musical stylings of Autumn River Willow!!!

In 2009, 5 people from various walks of life got together and decided to make a band. In 2011, with the retirement of their singer, they welcomed a new member who had been previously performing as a solo artist and the addition of a new keyboardist. In 2012, they changed to a new drummer to arrive at their current roster. They describe themselves as a blend of jazz, funk, and latin which achieves a classy pop sound.

We are really lucky that they were able to fit FAIR Takata into their schedule. But wait! There’s more!

Due to prior commitments, the regular guitarist for ARW can’t make it to FAIR Takata. His spot will be filled by none other than, Russell Kabir!!! So if you haven’t had your Russell Kabir fix yet, look out for a double feature on display at FAIR Takata!

Can’t wait to see you there!

– Jon and KK


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